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Geotechnical, Geological, and Geophysical Properties of Deepwater Sediments: Proceedings of 2001 Conference Honoring Wayne Dunlap


Edited by Charles Aubeny and Jean-Louis Briaud

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April, 2001

Proceedings of OTRC 2001 International Conference honoring Professor Wayne A. Dunlap held at the Radisson Astrodome Convention Center in Houston, Texas, USA on April 26-27, 2001.


Site Characterization I
“A Review of the Use of 3-D Exploration-Level Data for Geohazard Studies,” by E.H. Doyle and M.J. Kaluza.

“Application of Coherence Cube Processing to Shallow Hazard Detection in the Near Surface,” by E. Medvin, and B. Rader.

“Offshore Shear Wave Velocity Profiling Using Interface Waves,” by B.L. Rosenblad and K.H. Stokoe II.

Site Characterization II
“Soft Sediment Characterization from Passive Motion Measurements of the Seafloor,” by C. Huerta-Lopez, J. Pulliam, Y. Nakamura, and K.H. Stokoe II.

“In-Situ Assessment of Shear Strength and Consolidation Characteristics of Soft Sediments,” by A.R. House, M.F. Randolph and P.G. Watson.

“Deepwater Sample Disturbance Due to Stress Relief,” by T. Lunne, T. Berre, S. Strandvik, K.H. Andersen and T.I. Tjelta.

Sediment Properties / Geology of Deep Water Sediments
“Apparent Over-Consolidation and Failure Mechanisms in Marine Sediments,” by N. Sultan, P. Cochonat, E. Cauquil, and J.L. Colliat.

“Soil Sensitivity and Conductor Installation at a Normally Consolidated Clay Site,” by R. Albrecht.

“Geotechnical Properties of the Bryant Canyon, Northwest Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope,” by D. Berti
and W.R. Bryant.

Geology of Deep Water Sediments
“Sedimentological Paleo-Reconstruction of the Bryant Canyon Area, Northwest Gulf of Mexico,” by E. Tripsansas, W. Bryant, D. Berti, N. Slowey, K. Elston and A. Silva.

“Seabed Canyons a Major Problem to Offshore Field Development” by A.R. Haigh.

Application / Suction Caissons I
“Suction Caisson Design Issues,” by E.C. Clukey.

“Suction Pile Technology and Installation in Deep Waters,” by P. Sparrevik.

Application / Suction Caissons II
“A Laboratory Facility for Testing Model Suction Caissons,” by A.F. Rauch, R.E. Olson, E.C. Mecham and R.C. Pedersen.

“The SRICOS Method, A Summary,” by J.L. Briaud, H.C. Chen and K. Kwak.

“The EFA, Erosion Function Apparatus: An Overview,” by J.L. Briaud, H.C. Chen and F. Ting.

“Identifying Uncertainties in the Design of Suction Caisson Foundations,” by R.B. Gilbert and J.D. Murff

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