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DOHPT (Deep Ocean Hydrocarbon Production and Transportation) Program User's Manual


A.T. Yeung, J.A. Mahendran, and R.A. Geyer

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June, 1993

DOHPT is a powerful microcomputer based bibliographic database system for Deep Ocean Hydrocarbon Production and Transportation, developed by Joseph A. Mahendran of Texas A&M University (Mahendran 1992), to assist users in effectively locating/adding the information they need.  This is a user manual for the operation of the program.  Detailed description of the development and source code of the program are given elsewhere (Yeung et al. 1993).

DOHPT has been developed in a modular form for IBM-PC or IBM compatible personal computers.  The minimum hardware requirements for DOHPT are one floppy diskette drive and a 5 Mb hard drive.  For the optimal use of DOHPT, it is also recommended to have a minimum of 640 Kb of main memory and a hard copy device.  Though a color monitor is not essential for the functioning of the system, it is highly recommended to use one so that the advantages of the colorful screens of DOHPT can be fully utilized.

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