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Forum on Risk Assessment for Submarine Slope Stability


Stephen G. Wright, University of Texas at Austin

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July, 2003

Note: This forum was part of MMS Project 421 "Seafloor Slope Stability Under Static and Seismic Loading Conditions".

Important decisions must often be made regarding the location of offshore oil production and handling facilities and the type and extent of site investigations required. These decisions highlight the need for understanding and quantifying the risks involved and the need for comprehensive, probabilistic-based methodologies for risk and reliability assessment of submarine slopes. This need is increased as slopes in deeper and deeper water become of interest. In order to advance the methodologies for risk assessment it is necessary to identify the various processes and mechanisms that can lead to submarine slope instabilities, define and quantify the various uncertainties associated with each process and mechanism, and, finally to develop, implement and test procedures for evaluating the risk and reliability associated with submarine slopes. To better define and understand the elements of risk assessment for submarine slope stability in deep water a one and one-half day Forum was organized and held in Houston, Texas on May 10 and 11, 2002. The Forum was sponsored by the Minerals Management Service of the United States Department of Interior. It was planned and organized by the Offshore Technology Research Center in cooperation with C-CORE. The project supervisor for the Forum was Dr. Stephen G. Wright of The University of Texas at Austin. Attendance and participation was by invitation only. Approximately 55 people from industry, government and academia attended the Forum. The format and results of the Forum are presented in this report. In summarizing and reporting these results every effort has been made to reflect the input from the participants as it occurred and was presented at the Forum.

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