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FPSOs Present and Future Workshop Proceedings


E. G. Ward and Phil Wilbourn, Offshore Technology Research Center

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June, 2000

This workshop was designed for engineers, managers, regulators, and executives involved in making FPSO’s a viable and acceptable option for the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore areas.

The objectives of this workshop were:

· To promote an open and comprehensive discussion of experiences and concerns based on the worldwide experience of FPSO operations,
· Identify operational and regulatory concerns that result form this experience,
· Discuss technology and identify needs for new technology to address these concerns.

This workshop sought to build on the worldwide FPSO experience and ongoing studies, and focus on operational, regulatory, and technical issues. Some 270 attendees participated in the Workshop. No significant operational or technical barriers to the application of FPSO’s in the Gulf of Mexico or other new offshore areas were identified during the workshop. This can be interpreted as a confirmation or validation of the collective efforts of the industry (operators, contractors, class societies) and the regulatory agencies (domestic and international) to make FPSO’s a viable option for oil and gas developments.

Discussions related to Experiences, Regulations, and Polices (Day 1) and Technology (Day 2) are summarized in the proceedings. Unresolved Issues and Suggestions identified during the workshop are then listed.

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