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Qualifying New Technologies for Deepwater Oil and Gas Development Workshop Proceedings


Ozden Ochoa, Texas A&M University and E. G. Ward, OTRC

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July, 2003

The MMS’s Deepwater Operating Plan (DWOP) requires that the operators demonstrate that any new technology introduced in a deepwater project should be demonstrated to be as safe as existing technology.  Developing a mutually acceptable plan for a specific project can be difficult and problematic.  The objective of this Workshop was to develop a rationale and methodology that can lead to a process for qualifying new technologies that is acceptable to all stakeholders (MMS, USCG, operators, contractors, and manufacturers).  

A 1-½ day Workshop was planned and held on October 29-30.  The Workshop brought together MMS and oil industry stakeholders and experts, plus experts from other fields to

  • Discuss requirements and processes to qualify new technologies,
  • Develop a methodology and process that could lead to a mutually acceptable plan.

The workshop was well attended by about 65 participants representing a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

Day 1 included presentations and panel discussions on

  • Regulatory (MMS) and operators (DeepStar) perspectives,
  • Role of Standards and Classification Organizations (API, ASTM, ABS, and DNV),
  • Experiences of agencies/industries in managing the introduction of new technologies (NASA, DARPA, Boeing) in other industries,
  • Experiences of operators and manufacturers in developing new offshore technologies for and first time applications in projects,

Discussion Groups addressed specific topics concerning

  • New technologies and regulatory requirements,
  • Manufacturing and testing to achieve/assure performance.

On Day 2, simultaneous Discussion Groups developed recommendations for a course of action that can result in a plan to qualify emerging technologies and first time applications.  Finally the Workshop attendees convened to develop a consensus recommendation for a Path Forward.

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