Offshore Technology Research Center


Research Capabilities

Our research program is carried out by staff engineers and faculty of Texas A&M University and The University of Texas at Austin. We draw on the world-renowned research expertise of Texas A&M University's Dwight Look College of Engineering, the University of Texas' Cockrell School of Engineering and the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station to conduct research in the following areas:

Fluid-Structure Interaction

CFD modeling of

  • Riser VIV
  • Wave impact and greenwater loading
  • Tank sloshing

Experimental measurement of extreme waves

  • Optical velocimetry - PIV, BIV
  • Void fraction (greenwater)

Coupled dynamics of floating structures

  • Wave radiation/diffraction WAMMIT
  • Separated flows (bilge keels)
  • Moorings & risers coupled to floater - COUPLE
  • Multi-body hydrodynamics - WINPOST
  • Progressive failure and loss of stability

Scale model Testing

Soil-Structure Interaction

Plasticity modeling of

  • SCR trenching
  • Suction caisson behavior
  • Plate anchor behavior

CFD modeling of

  • Torpedo pile penetration & capacity development
  • Ice ridge/seafloor/pipeline interaction during ice gouging

FEM modeling of

  • Suction caisson installation & capacity development
  • Pipeline collapse and buckle propagation

Scale modeling of

  • Suction caisson behavior (vertical load capacity)
  • Plate anchor behavior (in- and out-of-plane loading to failure)

Metocean and Seafloor Characterization

High resolution seafloor mapping

  • Geohazards (furrows, etc.)
  • Core sampling and analysis

Nonlinear modeling of storm waves

  • Long-short wave interaction
  • Decomposition of random directional wave fields

GIS databases

  • Seafloor properties
  • Hurricane hindcast data
  • Offshore infrastructure

Assessment of environmental risks

  • Mudslides
  • Slope stability

Mechanics of Materials

Composite pipe (risers, tendons, pipelines)

  • Constitutive modeling
  • FEM modeling of combined loading effects
  • Assessment of connectors and material layering

Intact and damaged capacity of polyester rope

  • Testing to failure
  • Theoretical modeling

Risk/Reliability Assessment/Management

Comparative risk assessment of new technologies

  • FPSO's for Gulf of Mexico
  • Composite risers
  • Gas handling options

Assessment of environmental risks

  • Hurricane damage

Utra-deepwater drilling

Human Factors Engineering


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