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Dynamic Analysis of Floating Structures


Loads on Tie-Down Systems for Drilling Rigs 2009
Assessment of Drilling & Workover Rig Storm Sea Fastenings on Offshore Floating Platforms During Hurricane Ivan - Phase 1 Analysis Report  2007
Assessment of Drilling & Workover Rig Storm Sea Fastenings on Offshore Floating Platforms During Hurricane Ivan - Phase 1 Data Collection Report  2006
Global Analysis of FPSO and Shuttle Tankers During Side-by-Side Offloading 2006
Numerical Simulation of the Truss Spar "Horn Mountain" using COUPLE 2006
Current Forces on FPSO's - Analysis of towing tests and current tests with a FPSO model 2005
Floating LNG Terminal and LNG Carrier Interactions for Side-by-Side Offloading Operation 2005
Dynamic Analysis Tool for Moored Tanker-Based FPSO's including Large Yaw Motions  2004
Performance and Application of the Modular Acoustic Velocity Sensor (M.A.V.S) for Laboratory Measurements 2004
Responses of a Tanker-Based FPSO to Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico 2004
Spar Vortex-Induced Motions Workshop  2004
Dynamic Analysis of Multiple-Body Floating Platforms Coupled with Mooring Lines and Risers 2003
Hull/Mooring/Riser Coupled Motion Simulations Of Thruster-Assisted Moored Platforms 2003
Investigation of Nonlinear System Identification Techniques 2002
Evaluation of the Dynamic Response of Spar Platforms 2000
Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Large-Diameter Offshore Structures 1997
Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior of Spar Platforms 1996
Seakeeping Performance of Containment Booms in Random Waves and Currents 1996
Hydrodynamic Forces on Truncated Cylinders 1994
Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior of Offshore Structures 1994
Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Tension Leg Platforms 1994
An Educational Software Package For Two-Dimensional Analysis of Deep Water Tension Leg Platforms 1993
Effects of Morison Equation Nonlinearity on Stochastic Dynamics and Fatigue of Offshore Structures 1992
A Knowledge Based Approach to the Design of Tension Leg Platforms 1991
Nonlinear Response of an Articulated Offshore Loading Platform 1990

Hydrodynamic Loading


Loads due to Extreme Wave Crests 2008
Mitigating Greenwater Damage through Design 2005
Solution Methods of Complex Nonlinear Dynamic Systems in Offshore Engineering  1993
Green's Function for Second-Order Diffraction Potential  1991
Potential Theory for Second-Order Wave Exciting Forces on Arbitrary Three Dimensional Bodies in Finite Depth Water 1991

Numerical Modeling of Bilge Keels


Prediction of Flows around Ship-shaped Hull Sections in Roll Using an Unsteady Navier-Stokes Solver 2008
FPSO Roll Motions  2005
Inviscid and Viscous 2D Unsteady Flow Solvers Applied to FPSO Hull Roll Motions 2004
Computational Modeling of FPSO Hull Roll Motions and Two-component Marine Propulsion Systems 2002

Risk/Reliability Assessment/Management


Comparative Risk Analysis of Spar Based FPSO's 2003
Model-the-Model: Validating Analysis Models for Deepwater Structures with Model Tests 2003
Comparative Risk Analysis for Deepwater Production Systems  2001
Comparative Analyses of Theme Structures for Water Depths of 3,000 Feet to 10,000 Feet 2000
FPSOs Present and Future Workshop 2000
Deepwater Mooring and Riser Analytical Capabilities 1998
General Reliability Analysis of a Tension Leg Platform 1995

Wave Mechanics


Generation and Analysis of Multi-Directional Waves 1999
Hybrid Wave Model and Its Applications 1999
Detection of Deep Water Breaking Waves 1998
Deterministic Decomposition and Prediction of Irregular Ocean Waves 1998
Estimation of Directional Ocean Wave Spectra by Fourier Methods as Enhanced by Simulated Annealing with a MEM Objective Function 1995
Evolutionary Fourier Analysis of Non-Stationary Ocean Wave Data 1995
Application of Optical Remote Sensing to the Measurement of Wave Surface Kinematics 1994
On the Interaction Between Intermediate-Depth Long Waves and Deep-water Short Waves 1994
Development of an Optical Slope-Measuring Device for the Study of Water Waves 1992
Measured and Predicted Deep Water Wave Kinematics in Regular and Irregular Seas 1992
Nonlinear Interaction Between Short and Long Waves-Evolution of Short Crested Waves riding on Long Waves 1990
Software Development for the Measurement of the Wave Kinematics and Procedures for Using Laser Doppler  1990
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