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OTRC Project Summary

Project Title:

Prediction of Progressive Damage of Thick Viscoelastic Laminates

Prinicipal Investigators:

John Whitcomb


Minerals Management Service

Completion Date:

December 2001

Final Report ID#

A108(Click to view final report abstract)

The objective of the current research is to develop robust strategies for the stress analysis of thick viscoelastic laminates with matrix cracking.  To accomplish this end, the research will focus on the following:

  1. Development of concise formulas for 3D elastic sublaminate homogenization
  2. Efficient techniques for prediction the viscoelastic behavior of sublaminates using 3D elastic homogenization formulas.  These techniques will be developed based on
    1. Quasi-elastic method.
    2. Viscoelastic correspondence principle
    3. Direct time integration with incremental form of viscoelastic constitutive equation
  1. Development of a constitutive routine that includes viscoelastic and damage effects
  2. Effect of transverse matrix cracks on the elastic and viscoelastic properties with an emphasis on the effect of various parameters on the effective properties of a cracked ply
    1. Initial properties of the cracked ply
    2. Material properties of adjacent piles
    3. Adjacent ply orientation
    4. Cracks in adjacent piles.
  1. Development of a multi-level homogenization technique for progressive damage analysis that combines the homogenization technique for undamaged viscoelastic sublaminates and the homogenization techniques at the lamina level accounting for damage.

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