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Project Title:

Prediction Methods for Capacity of Drag Anchors in Clayey Soils

Prinicipal Investigators:

Charles Aubeny and Don Murff


Minerals Management Service and Industry Consortium

Completion Date:

August, 2002

Final Report ID#

A142(Click to view final report abstract)

Note: This study is part of a broader project "Suction Caissons & Vertically Loaded Anchors: Design Analysis Methods" (MMS Project 362).

This study is performed to address two objectives.  The first objective is the evaluation of existing prediction methods for installation performance and capacity of anchors embedded in clayey soils.  Vertically loaded anchors and drag embedment anchors will be considered in this study.  Test data will be presented and prediction methods will be described to establish a basis for comparing predictions with field measurements.  Test data will be cataloged from field tests, field applications, and model tests.  The existing prediction methods can be categorized into theoretical methods and empirical methods.  Theoretical methods proposed by Stewart (1992) and Neubecker and Randolph (1996b), which are based on limit equilibrium concepts, will be considered as well as empirical solutions developed by Naval Civil engineering Laboratory (NCEL) and anchor manufacturing companies, Vryhof and Bruce.

The second objective is to describe a method, currently under development, that has the potential for improving predictions of anchor performance.  This method employs upper bound plastic limit analysis.   The basic concept of upper bound solutions will be described and an approach to set up the upper bound formulations will be explained.

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