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OTRC Project Summary

Project Title:

Structural characterization and Design Optimization of Hybrid Composite Tubes for TLP Riser Applications

Prinicipal Investigators:

Ozden O. Ochoa


National Science Foundation

Completion Date:

May, 1995

Final Report ID#

A71(Click to view final report abstract)

This research program investigates the global structural behavior of hybrid composite tubes under combined mechanical and hygrothermal loads.  An understanding of this behavior is then utilized to develop a technique for the design optimization of these structures.  Failure prediction is also incorporated in the study through the use of a progressive failure subroutine developed for the ABAQUS finite element program. As a result of this effort, a semi-automated procedure for the design of hybrid composite structures is developed.  The specific application of this methodology will be for riser tubes of tension leg platforms.  It is important to note that although this process is illustrated for the design optimization of a riser tube, the accomplishments of this work are not merely the optimization of a single design, but rather the development of the tools and methodology for the complete design process.  These tools can be utilized for the future development and optimization of many different composite structures.

Related Publications: Ochoa, O. O., "Hybrid Composite Tubes for Offshore Applications," International Conference on Composite Materials in the Petroleum Industry, Rueil-Malmaison, France, November 1994.

Farivar-Sadri, K., and Ochoa, O. O., "Optimization of Composite Tubes for Offshore Applications", Proceedings, Ninth Technical  Conference  of  the  American Society for Composites, Delaware, September 1994, pp. 850-857.

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