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OTRC Project Summary

Project Title:

Structural Characterization and Structural/Material Similitude of Hybrid Composite Tube

Prinicipal Investigators:

Ozden O. Ochoa


National Science Foundation

Completion Date:

April, 1996

Final Report ID#

A79(Click to view final report abstract)

This research proposes to develop tools which are an important part of the overall methodology for designing a hybrid composite riser.  This involves study of the dynamic structural response of hybrid composite tubes under mechanical loads axial tension, internal pressure, and the forces and moments caused by wave and current interaction.  Finite element analysis is used to determine the behavior of the composite riser tube subjected to dynamic loads and a shear deformable shell formulation is used to determine the strain state of the riser at critical locations along its length.  Additionally, similitude based on the direct use of the differential equations governing the system will be used as a first step toward designing a small scale model which may be used to verify the analytical results obtained for the dynamic structural response and for the static pressure response.  These models will help to further validate the design.

Related Publications: Liggett, M., and Ochoa, O., “Similitude Concepts for Composites,”  Proceedings of the Tenth Technical Conference of the American Society for Composites, October 1995, pp.47-54.

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