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Project Title:

Characterization Of Hybrid Composites: Offshore Applications

Prinicipal Investigators:

Ozden O. Ochoa


National Science Foundation

Completion Date:

July, 1996

Final Report ID#

A82(Click to view final report abstract)

The objective of this research is to predict the response of hybrid laminates and tubes to hygrothermal and mechanical loads.  Both unidirectional hybrid laminates and hybrid laminates containing off-axis piles and analyzed.  The influence of the following parameters are studied at the lamina (i.e. in-plane) level:

  • interphase properties
  • matrix properties
  • fiber volume
  • carbon to total fiber volume ratios
  • debonds
  • moisture absorption
  • temperature

These parameters are varied to study the effects on the lamina tensile (fiber direction), transverse (perpendicular to the fibers), and in-plane shear response.  In addition, the effect of progressive fiber breakage on the axial moduli of hybrid laminae is studied using a statistical model developed by this author.  A comparison of unidirectional hybrid laminates with intermingled and non-intermingled fibers is included to illustrate the advantages of intermingling different fiber types in hybrid composites.  An analysis procedure is proposed in which the resulting in-plane properties from the lamina level analysis are used to model the laminate level response of the laminates and tubes.  The analysis illustrates how the response of TTT hybrid laminates to tension and bending loads and the response of filament would glass and hybrid laminates to tension and bending loads and the response of filament wound glass and hybrid composite tubes to internal pressure may be ascertained beginning with the properties of the individual constituents.  The analysis also aids the designer in identifying which of the above parameters should be considered when designing components for use in an offshore environment.

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