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Project Title:

Computational Modeling of FPSO Hull Roll Motions and Two-component Marine Propulsion Systems

Prinicipal Investigators:

Spyros Kinnas


Minerals Management Service and Industry Consortium

Completion Date:

August, 2002

Final Report ID#

B124(Click to view final report abstract)

Note: This study is part of a broader project "FPSO Roll Motions" (MMS Project 406)

The objective of the work presented here is to develop a two-dimensional unsteady Euler solver to solve the two-dimensional radiation problem due to the roll motion of a FPSO hull fitted with bilge keels. Visualization of the separated flow and vortex-shedding past the bilge keels as well as prediction of the roll hydrodynamic coefficients would be possible using the developed method.

This project also presents results for multi-component and podded propulsors, with the flow-field solved using an earlier developed vortex lattice method based potential flow solver [Kinnas et al. 1998] and axisymmetric/3-D steady Euler solver [Choi 2000].

Related Publications: “Computational Modeling of FPSO Hull Roll Motions,” by Kakar and Kinnas, ISOPE 2003, Honolulu, July 2003

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