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OTRC Project Summary

Project Title:

Risk Analysis of Steel Production Risers for Deepwater Offshore Facilities

Prinicipal Investigators:

Robert Gilbert, E. G. Ward, and Ozden Ochoa


Minerals Management Service

Completion Date:

December, 2004

Final Report ID#

B146(Click to view final report abstract)

Note: This study is part of a broader project "Comparative Risk Analysis of Composite & Steel Risers for Deepwater Floating Production Systems" (MMS Project 490).

The primary objective of the study is to assess the risk analysis of steel production risers for deepwater offshore production facilities. It also creates the foundation for comparative risk analysis of the composite and steel production risers in Gulf of Mexico.

The scope of this study is to assess the risks for the deepwater (approximately 6000 feet deep) production risers. A generic riser design that is representative of existing technology in the Gulf of Mexico is used in this study. The study riser serves the purpose to develop the probability methodology and understand the sensitivity of the various factors leading to failure scenarios for a riser. The results are limited to the design
of the riser considered, but could easily be extended to other risers using the same methodology.

The methodology for the project is defined in the following steps:

i) Study the production riser
ii) Be a part of a cross functional team comprising of the following team members.
a. E.G.Ward, Associate Director, Offshore Technology Research Center, College Station
b. Chuck Miller, Principal, Stress Engineering Services, Inc, Houston
c. Early Denison, Consultant
d. Robert Gilbert, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Austin
e. Ozden Ochoa, Expert in Composites, Texas A&M University, College Station
f. Representative of Minerals Management Service
iii) Development of fault tree
iv) Identification of critical failure modes of the study riser
v) Probabilistic fatigue failure analysis
vi) Uncertainty analyses of the critical factors
vii) Failure probability analyses
viii) Sensitivity analyses of failure probability with factors affecting it


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