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OTRC Project Summary

Project Title:

Dynamics of Propagating Buckles in Deep-Water Pipeline

Prinicipal Investigators:

John Tassoulas


Texas Advanced Technology Research Program

Completion Date:

June, 1990

Final Report ID#

B4(Click to view final report abstract)

This study seeks to analyze the dynamics of propagating buckles.  A computer program has been developed and a finite element technique has been implemented making use of nine-node isoparametric shell elements and considering  the nonlinearities due to large deformation, i.e., large rotation and strain, elastoplastic material behavior and contact.  Step-by-step integration in time has been carried out using the constant average acceleration algorithm.  The necessary background in continuum mechanics will be summarized and the finite element technique will be described.  The analysis of an elastoplastic ring will plane strain towards an approximate calculation of the propagation pressure will be presented.  The analysis of quasistatic buckle propagation  in a pipe and the comparison with the ring analysis is also covered.  The technique will be applied to the dynamic  analysis of buckle propagation for a pipe in a vacuum, and to the dynamic analysis of pipe now surrounded by water.

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