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Project Title:

Analytical Studies of Surface Wave Propagation along the Seafloor for Application to Spectral-Analysis-of-Surface-Waves (SASW) Testing

Prinicipal Investigators:

Stephen Wright


National Science Foundation

Completion Date:

October, 1996

Final Report ID#

B85(Click to view final report abstract)

Further analytical studies are required to interpret the experimental data from SASW tests on layered media overlaid by water.  The major objective of this project is to provide efficient analytical solutions for wave propagation in a layered system overlaid by water and to interpret underwater SASW testing analytically.

For this purpose, waves propagating along the soil-water interface of underwater soil deposits were characterized by theoretical dispersion curves.  To determine the dispersion curves, two different solutions were implemented:  a 2-dimensional (2-D); and a 3-dimensional (3-D) solution.  To identify the effects of higher modes on wave propagation for the 2-D solution, the “minimum energy method” was also studied.  The fast field technique was employed to evaluate numerically the integrals in the 3-D solution.  The applicability of each solution in providing dispersion curves for layered soil deposits was evaluated by conducting a series of parametric studies for example systems as well as in situ systems. 

Related Publications: Lee, B., Rosenblad, B.L., Wright, S.G. and Stokoe, K. H., “Analytical Study of Surface Wave Testing along the Seafloor,” Proceedings, Offshore Technology Conference, 1997.

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