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OTRC Project Summary

Project Title:

A Baseline Nonlinear Material Characterization for Predicting the Long-term Durability of Composite Structures

Prinicipal Investigators:

Richard Schapery


National Science Foundation

Completion Date:

February, 1997

Final Report ID#

B90(Click to view final report abstract)

This research project is part of a multidisciplinary effort to determine the long-term durability of continuous fiber, polymer matrix composite structures exposed to ambient and elevated temperature and moisture conditions in a marine environment.  The project has two main objectives:  first, to determine the feasibility and a methodology for prediction the long-term behavior, and consequently the durability, of these composite systems by combined theoretical and experimental means; second, to carry out and complete a characterization on two theme materials so that other researchers can implement this information in their structural and damage analyses.  This project addresses in-part both of these issues.

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