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Project Title:

Vortex-Induced Vibration Seminars for MMS Engineers

Prinicipal Investigators:

E. G. Ward


Minerals Management Service

Completion Date:

October, 2004

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MMSVIV(Click to view final report abstract)


MMS engineers are faced with approving a variety of projects that can be influenced by Vortex-Induced Vibrations (VIV). Examples include deepwater drilling, production, and export risers subjected to strong currents; offshore pipeline spans over irregular bottom topography subjected to strong bottom currents; onshore elevated pipelines subjected to strong winds. MMS engineers need to be aware of the potential for VIV to damage such structures and various options that can be useful in mitigating VIV. Seminars will be developed and delivered to MMS engineers to provide a basic understanding of VIV as well as useful, practical information to evaluate the potential for VIV and mitigation strategies in various proposed projects.


OTRC will engage recognized experts to develop and deliver a seminar on VIV to MMS engineers at MMS offices. OTRC will be responsible for securing the experts, coordinating the development and delivery of the seminars, and providing seminar materials to the MMS engineers.


Scope of Work: OTRC will engage recognized experts to develop and deliver a seminar to MMS engineers at MMS offices. Separate sessions will address VIV Fundamentals, Applications to Deepwater Riser, Application to Marine Pipeline Spans, and Application to Onshore Pipelines. The VIV Fundamental session will provide a basic understanding of the phenomena, factors influencing its occurrence, how it can lead to structural damage, and general strategies for mitigation. The three Application sessions will illustrate the application of the VIV fundamentals to various project situations and provide useful, practical information to assess the likelihood of VIV occurrence, its potential impact on design and operations, and mitigation measures that have been used and their effectiveness.

The seminars are envisioned as 2-day sessions delivered at two locations as follows:
MMS Gulf of Mexico office in New Orleans
VIV Fundamentals
VIV: Application to Deepwater Risers
VIV: Application to Marine Pipeline Spans


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