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Project Title:

ROV/AUV Capabilities

Prinicipal Investigators:

Robert Randall and E. G. Ward


Minerals Management Service and Industry Consortium

Completion Date:

September, 2003

Final Report ID#

ROVWS(Click to view final report abstract)


Complete a technical assessment of present and future AUV/ROV capabilities relevant to subsea deepwater oil and gas developments.


ROV’s and AUV’s offer considerable promise for subsea development systems in deep and ultra-deep water. ROV and AUV technology is rapidly evolving in a highly competitive market. The ROV/AUV technology must interface with subsea well and production equipment, which is also rapidly evolving, in order to result in effective subsea development systems. An objective technical assessment of future ROV/AUV capabilities is needed to promote synergy and integration with subsea production systems.

A workshop will be held to develop a broad, objective assessment of ROV and AUV technology and capabilities relevant to subsea production systems. The assessment will include present technology as well as technology and capabilities that could be available in 5 years and in 10 years. The assessment will consider both operational needs and safety issues. The workshop will include oil and gas operators, subsea engineers, ROV and AUV companies (suppliers, contractors), and subsea equipment manufacturers.


Workshop proceedings would document the presentation, discussions, findings, and recommendations of the workshop. The workshop would provide the oil and gas industry with a view of current and future ROV/AUV technology and capabilities for project planning. Results would also be useful information for promoting and encouraging synergy, integration, and interfaces between ROV/AUV and subsea equipment developments.


Scope of Work: Form a steering committee from the various communities to develop detailed objectives and plans for the workshop.

Conduct the workshop – sessions could include
· AUV/ROV technology – present and future capabilities, expectations of capabilities in 5 and 10 years
· Subsea well and production equipment and operations (installation, operation, maintenance, intervention)
· Future subsea development system needs and opportunities
· Possibilities for synergy and effective ROV/AUV and subsea technology development

Publish workshop proceedings.


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